Sit at the dinner table #11 Moon Cake (月饼) During the Mid-Autumn Festival to Remember My Dad



To me, home is more about the dinner table than about anything else.

I have traveled halfway around the globe before settling down in a small town in the United States, where life is so different from where I grew up. Food, especially, is more exotic to me when I first moved to the U.S. than now. Over time, I have learned to cook in different styles: Eastern, Western, but mostly Chinese. These home-made meals bring back lots of memories – all mixed-up with my life here – just like a giant stir-fry dish.

Come and sit next to me at my dinner table, and enjoy a home-made meal and maybe a story or two.

September 24th this year is a traditional holiday in China, called Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) which has been celebrated for more than 2,000 years.

To celebrate, you’ve got to have a mooncake which symbolizes the whole family coming together to enjoy the brightest autumn moon. If someone from the family can’t make it back, a piece of mooncake will be evenly cut and saved for him or her.

I have learned to make mooncake recently, a special kind. Instead of flour dough, the outside of the cake is made of mung bean paste. The fillings are traditional red bean paste or a salty duck egg-yolk mixture.

This kind of mooncake used to be one of my dad’s favorite desserts in the fall season. Chinese don’t eat lots of sweets regularly, but a special occasion or holiday always comes with a special dessert.

My dad had passed away almost 4 years ago; he never had the chance to taste the mooncake I make. I think I chose to learn about making this cake to say how much I have missed my dad.

Dad, this whole piece is for you, I won’t cut it.

2 thoughts on “Sit at the dinner table #11 Moon Cake (月饼) During the Mid-Autumn Festival to Remember My Dad

  1. I’m sorry you lost your father. I’m sure he would love and be very honored by your moon cake for him.
    Happy Fall festival!


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